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Electrifying, global and unstoppable — lose yourself to the thumping rhythms and euphoria-dripped melodies of Riva Elegance. One of Austria’s most popular and in demand DJ's on the electronic music scene today. For over fifteen years now, she has been hooking party-people in the tens of thousands with a boundlessly unmatched energy behind the decks. Roaring onto a festival, club or function stage near you, the red-haired, electronic icon has made a name for herself as Austria’s hottest and most versatile female DJ.


Working mostly in the genre of house, Riva Elegance has been steady grinding on her dream of becoming a big-name DJ since she was sixteen. In just a short year after picking up the decks, she won a major national DJ contest, which launched her into the electronic music stratosphere like a rocket. Word got out quick. And countless bookings for shows flooded in from around the whole country and later across the globe. For seven years now, she has lived the dream and DJ’s as a full-time job. Also releasing her own tracks in the Techhouse area, with plans to make a disruptive impact on the scene in 2020.


What’s set her apart from other DJ’s is her passion, energy and sheer elegance in what she does. She’s crowd focused, with each beat perfectly synced as to get the dancefloor moving and the walls shaking all night long. It’s all about the music with Riva Elegance. She has one simple mission in mind when blasting out her melodies to the masses. Making people dance, keeping the atmosphere wild; and creating an exciting, unforgettable experience every time. She loves her fans and keeps up to date with her following, that now makes up over fifteen thousand people on Facebook alone.

Riva Elegance

DJ & Producer


Upcoming Events

18.09.2021: EVENT

Time: 22:00 pm, geschl. Gesellschaft

25.09.2021: FETE BLANCHE

Time: 22:00 pm, Clubbing


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You can now find new live streams every month on my YouTube channel.
From Progressive House to Tech House - but good old house classics are also at the start.

Since I belong to the "old school" of DJs and have been touring Europe with vinyl for years, the vinyl sets should of course not be missing.

The whole thing is rounded off by a number of specials such as Valentine's Day mixes and other surprises.

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Latest Release


Riva Elegance – Terminal 6

Released: 13/08/2021
Label: Underground Tunes
Format: Digital Download

Riva Elegance – Terminal 6 (Radio Edit) (Riva’s dancing in Ibiza) @ YouTube

  1. Terminal 6 (Club Mix) Riva Elegance 6:12
  2. Terminal 6 (Radio Edit) Riva Elegance 3:52

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