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Lovemachine (Riva Elegance & Jengis Remix)

In 2010 Stee Wee Bee teamed up with Supermax to create a remake of the cult-track Lovemachine. When Supermax died a short time later, Steve decided to stop that project, because he didn’t want to make money with the death of a superstar. Now, 12 years later, he finished this project and created a version close to the original as a tribute to the 1978 version. After the big chart-success of this track here comes a mega remix-pack, which brings you techno, trance and future house mixes by Sonic Seven, trnc fctry, Riva Elegance feat. Jengis (who did new vocals special for this remix) and Woolfgang.

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Help for Ukraine from Waidhofen

Solidarity is very important to the people of Waidhofen these days. The willingness to help Ukraine is huge.
Jasmin Bauer, alias Riva Elegance, also supported the spontaneous campaign and asked many followers to donate via social media.

Report of the newspaper “Bezirksblatt”
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